The 1 Thing Everyone Misses When They Start Growing a Beard...

If you are anything like me you couldn't wait to grow a beard. I always wanted a beard like the image here. Just... man... so good.
I guess we all hope our beard will just magically appear when we turn 18 or 21. You know when you become a man, when you "Come of Age" but, at least for me, that didn't happen.
I basically looked the same at age 21 that I looked at 18 that I looked at age 14.
So at age 21, I started growing my beard out but it took a really long time to get things going. Really I'd just gotten off a Church of Jesus Christ Mission, which if you don't know, as a missionary I was supposed to shave every day on my mission which is two years.
Up until this point I hadn't really had a chance to grow a beard, meaning I had no scruff before my mission and now I had a little scruff. This picture is me roughly a year after coming home.
Man that picture is embarrassing. 🤦‍♂️
Anyway you get the picture. The point I'm trying to drive home here is that I wasn't growing a beard and now I was but NO ONE TOLD ME HOW TO GO ABOUT GROWING A BEARD...
You may be thinking, "Taylor, why didn't you just look it up on the internet?"
I did and do you know what they said,
"Just let it grow out for 3 months. And DON'T SHAVE EVER! Don't even glance at a razor because if you do your whiskers will immediately start retreating back into your face."
Okay. So I'll have a beard in 3 months? Wut?
I mean just the other day I was on this website and they touted The Commandments of Beard Growth and on it they said don't ever shave, and let your beard grow out for 3 months at a minimum. This idea is still going around 7 years later.
That's where everyone gets it wrong. 3 months does not get you a beard. Not picking up razors does not get you a beard.
On the flip side shaving every day won't get you a beard. Shaving does not equal a stronger coarser beard.
Do you know what will?
Now you're thinking, "Uh, wut?"
I'm not kidding.
The single best thing you can be doing for your current beard or future beard is boosting your testosterone.
We'll start getting into the nitty gritty in the next post but if you want an amazing beard you are going to need to start getting your testosterone levels up.
Please don't get me wrong do not go and grab testosterone pills and the like, unless you have been prescribed them by a doctor there shouldn't be any reason for you to take them.
What I am saying here is boost your testosterone naturally by working out, specifically resistance based work outs, i.e. squats, chest press, curls...
This gives your beard a strong base to work off of.
Anyway, thanks for reading. We‘ll start getting into why boosting your testosterone will improve your beard more than simply not shaving and hoping for the best in the next post.
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