The Reason Your Beard May Not Be Coming That Well...

Everyone wants a beard, yet it seems like there are only a few people in the world who can grow a great beard. I personally don't believe that. I believe almost every man can grow a beard. Now how that comes in depends a lot on genetics but no matter how it comes in you can still make it look great.
Your genetics determine quite a few things like your how growth, how receptive your hair follicles are to a specific amino acid, and how many hairs per hair follicle. But your beard isn't strictly determined by your genetics.
Take for example male baldness. Scientists were able to figure out a way to get hair follicles back into the growth stage with a simple chemical, minoxidil, which is the active ingredient in Rogaine. Scientists later found out that peppermint oil did a similar thing, putting hair back into the growth stage, leaving us with two options to help regrow our head hair.
Before this we would've chalked this all up to genetics, that your genetics just didn't align. So... sorry you will be bald or you won't be able to grow a beard or both for the rest of your life, sucks to suck. As the world of science continues to study hair and beards they are figuring out what makes your beard grow.
In the last post we discussed the one thing that people don't realize effects their beard growth, testosterone. Testosterone is the key to a beard, you wouldn't be growing one if you didn't have enough of that hormone in your body.
Now we're going to get into the really technical stuff because there isn't a good way to explain it without mentioning it.
Let's begin!
In everyone there is an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase, this reduces your body's main hormones testosterone and progesterone (and a few other hormones) down into more potent versions of themselves. Meaning progesterone becomes dihydroprogesterone (DHP) and testosterone becomes dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
So what do these hormones do? Well since they are more potent versions of your sex hormones they are the reason you have thick coarse hair on your face or not.
Since we are talking about beards we'll be focusing on DHT. DHT is an androgen, which means it helps produce male sex characteristics particularly secondary characteristics like a beard.
That's why boosting your testosterone is one of the best things you can do! Get your testosterone up so you can start producing more DHT, which helps with your sex drive and yes your beard game.
"So how do I get my DHT up so I can get a great beard?"
The answer is pretty simple. Work out.
The best and simplest way to boost your testosterone naturally is by working out every day. Now, there are certain exercises that boost better than others but if all you do is get your 10,000 steps in a day, or run a couple miles, or bike, I won't stand in your way and tell you, "You're doing this wrong!"
If you want the best results, start doing more resistance based training. Ones that really work your muscles hard immediately.
This means instead of doing a 2 mile run, you do squats. That instead of a 30 minute bike you do chest presses. Instead of a nice treadmill walk you're doing push-ups. You get the point here.
If you start doing resistance work outs you might just start seeing more hair on that chin of yours.
*DISCLAIMER* I am not a medical professional in any way and do not endorse the use of testosterone supplements unless you have been prescribed them by an actual doctor or medical professional.

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