What is Beard Balm and How to Apply It

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You may have heard of beard oil before. That term gets thrown around pretty often in the beard community. Beard balm hasn't been quite as popular. 

Modern beard oils stemmed from Macassar oil which came about in 1860. This Macassar oil was a concoction of coconut oil, palm oil, and ylang ylang oil. It was so thick and barely absorbed that it would often rub off on clothes and upholstery; so much so that they started selling a small cloth to put on upholstery to protect it. 

This thick concoction was a the beginning of modern beard oil and beard balm. 

Current day beard balm was created to give you a little more control over your beard in comparison to beard oil. Most beard balms these days use shea butter, beeswax, or a mix of both. 

Beard balm was created to condition your beard and skin much in the same way as beard oil. Beard balm is particularly useful for all lengths of beard hair. If your beard balm uses beeswax, the wax works as a humectant and has been known to soothe psoriasis and eczema. While shea butter is known to help soften, condition, and tone your skin. 

What's beard butter then?

Beard butter is another version of beard balm. The difference between a beard balm and butter is the consistency. Typically beard balms are harder in order to give a little more control over your beard hair. Beard butter on the other hand is usually just a thick beard oil, where only enough solid oil or butter is used to get the concoction to a solid state. 

Full disclosure, the beard industry doesn't really care to differentiate between the two terms. Depending on the brand of beard balm you get, it could be closer to a butter than a balm and vice versa.  

if you are looking for something to style your beard you'd want a styling balm or beard wax or mustache wax. Those are created to help you control your beard and not so much to condition your beard. 

How to use beard balm

Beard balms are leave-in conditioners.

They usually work best after a shower and you towel dry your beard. So it's dry enough but not too dry.  

You will want a beard brush at this point. Give your beard a nice brush before you apply. This is to exfoliate the skin and help remove any beardruff.

Take your beard balm and use your finger or finger nail, depending on the thickness of your balm, to get the balm. Rub the balm between your hands quickly to soften and warm it up. 

Now rub your hands through your beard, making sure you get it on the skin underneath.

Once you've gotten it applied take your beard brush and brush it again to help style it and distribute the beard balm more effectively. 

That's it. It's super easy.

The amount of balm you use depends on how long your beard is and your skin type. So it's best to start out with a smaller amount and work your way up.

Thanks for reading guys. 

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