What Is Beard Oil and How To Use It

Beard oil being tossed into the air by a man

Over the last decade, there's been a slow movement starting around 2012 with a guy named Eric Bandholz, his fledgling company Beardbrand, and No Shave November. But that's not really where beard oil came from, we have to go much further back. 

Since human beings existed men have more or less been able to grow beards. As you grew out your beard, you found that your beard starts to itch around 2 weeks, oftentimes it comes in a little patchy in certain areas, and the hairs start to get dry, course, and your beard gets dandruff (or beard flakes or beardruff.) Men centuries ago had these same problems and they tried everything they possibly could.

Eventually they started using what would now be considered beard oil. The earliest use of a beard oil currently known is men back in Mesopotamia. Younger Mesopotamian men wanted their beard to come in quicker and fill in their patchiness (doesn't sound much different from today's men, right), so they turned to sesame seed oil.

Later Alexander the Great introduced what became known as smooth shaving. During his reign he strongly promoted a clean shaven face, ordering his soldiers to be clean shaven because he thought the beard might serve as a handle for the enemy. It also was a way for Romans to differentiate themselves from the Greeks (Typically had beards at this point.)

After this point, most of the western world sort of just flipped back and forth on whether a beard or facial hair was acceptable or not. Even the Romans went back to beards after Alexander the Great to be more like the Greeks. 

What is a beard oil?

A beard oil is any oil you slather on your beard or scruff. Really, that's it. You could go to your pantry or fridge grab a bottle of anything labeled as oil and pour it on you beard and call it a “beard oil” simply because you put it on your beard. Now that doesn’t mean you chose the right oil though. 

We’ve come a long way since the men in Mesopotamia. We now know that a beard oil is usually better when it’s a mix of complimentary base oils or carrier oils. Every oil in your beard oil should have a purpose and they should compliment the other oils. There isn’t a perfect oil for everyone, that's why a blend seems to work best. 

Take for example FOXGLOVE Co Beard Oil we use a base blend of Sunflower, Castor, Avocado, Lanolin, and Vitamin E Oils. Each of those ingredients is meant to help the other out.

Beardbrand Beard Oil uses Abyssinian, Jojoba, Babassu, and Castor Oils with some Grapefruit Extract and Glycerin.

Every brand of beard oil has their preferred blend, and that blend works well for some and not for others. So when choosing a beard oil you may need to try out a few until you find one that works for you. 

Why should I use a beard oil?

All a beard oil is, is a leave in conditioner. Just like how you put conditioner on your head hair, your beard needs some conditioning too. We’ve found the most effective way is through an oil. 

If you’ve ever grown your beard out for anything over two weeks, you’ll find that your beard may start to feel coarse even when it’s longer. It may also start to do whatever it wants, like curl up around and tickle your nose. You’ll also notice a little thing called beardruff (beard dandruff), it’s real trust us.

What beard oil does for you, or at least should, is soften your beard hairs, condition the skin and hair, and keep your beard hydrated. The itch and beardruff are mostly caused by dry hair and skin. 

How to use beard oil

Beard oils are leave-in conditioners.

They usually work best after a shower and you towel dry your beard. So it's dry enough but not too dry.  

You will want a beard brush at this point. Give your beard a nice brush before you apply. This is to exfoliate the skin and help remove any beardruff.

Take your beard oil, this may be in a shaker or dropper bottle, put a few drops near the tips of your fingers and do a quick rub between your hands.

Now rub your hands through your beard, making sure you get it on the skin underneath.

Once you've gotten it applied take your beard brush and brush it again to help style it and distribute the beard oil more effectively. 

That's it. It's super easy.

The amount of oil you use depends on how long your beard is and your skin type. So it's best to start out with a smaller dose and work your way up.

Thanks for reading guys. 

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