Why You Need a Beard Brush

Boar hair beard brush

As you've started on your journey to beardhood, you've probably found that your beard has taken on a life of its own. The beard hair seems to go in every direction except the one you want. Your beard probably has started shedding and flaking all over the place. If for some reason it hasn't, you're one of the lucky ones and I'm jealous of your beard. 

What can you do about this beard shedding, beardruff, and messy hair? Well one of the best investments at this point is to get yourself a beard brush, specifically a boar hair brush. 

Boar hair beard brushes come in varying degrees of coarseness, from soft to stiff. I personally like the stiffer bristles like the one we sell here at FOXGLOVE Co, but it's really up to you and your preference. Typically the stiffer the bristles the better the exfoliating power and ability to cut through those coarse face bristles. 

The reason this will be your best investment is because this is going to help you clear up that beardruff of yours by exfoliating the skin. It's also going to help you style your beard more, not all the way because, let's face it, your beard hair is coarse and wants to do it's own thing. So to get complete control you're going to need something like a beard wax or styling balm. 

The second thing this beard brush is going to do for you is help you better distribute your beard oil or beard balm. 

When I started growing out my beard I thought that all you needed was time. Nothing else. So I started making my own beard oil several years ago and it was fine. I slapped some oil on my beard every day using only my hands. I was happy, or so I thought. My wife surprised me that Christmas with a beard brush and man was it a game changer. My beard oil was better distributed and my beardruff when down. 

Now there are roughly two types of beard brushes on the market currently. There is the military type brush, which seems to be the more popular beard brush. They are the type that fits in your palm. 

Then there is the hair brush type, meaning it has a handle. Now this type has been gaining more traction over the years, mostly with the more popular beard care brands.

Whichever one you choose is up to you. It's really just a preference on the style of brush but it shouldn't be a preference whether you use a beard brush or not. Not to be dramatic but it will probably change your life. 

Thanks for reading guys. 

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