Where We Started

FOXGLOVE Co started because of a sunburn. No joke. I went up to Bear Lake over Memorial Day weekend and ended up with a gnarly sunburn. I never liked using the store bought aloe vera gel, it always left my skin feeling sticky and gross; like I needed to wash it off. So I went on a search to create a sunburn cure. A Summer filled with apple cider vinegar later, man I hate that smell, there wasn't much to show for it.


I ended up with a bunch of oils and I had a beard, so I drew the logically solution. I started creating beard oils. First they were pretty bad, like real bad. They left your beard feeling dry, sometimes coarse and I honestly feel bad that I sold some of those oils.


And we're still trying to make it work even better.   



Taylor Ross

 I like foxglove... [because] it provides immediate and all-day softness and skin conditioning without feeling sticky or heavy.

Austyn, Brigham City UT

Couldn’t be more pleased with my Foxglove beard oil. After trying various different kinds, I have found that this is the best quality and best deal.

Jonah, Logan UT

... my beard feels smooth for the first time and I’m getting compliments on the scent. Thank you!

Chase, Ogden UT